A certain young man has gone on social media to drop a stern warning to Daddy Freeze urging him to stop criticizing men of God.

This is coming after Daddy Freeze slammed the recent dedication of the largest church auditorium in Abuja.

However, Daddy Freeze responded saying;

“This cheap bleaching cream is not working. Please contact @iamdencia and @blacchyna to sort your bleaching issues out with a much better cream, if only you can afford it. If you can’t I hope Paul Enenche sends you some money for defending him like this.

Are you sure these men are really your fathers? If they are did they abandon you at birth? You don’t look like their kids.

You speak of moses and his sister, we are not under the mosaic law anymore. So what applied to Moses and Miriam does not apply to Christians. Nothing happened to those who stoned Stephen in Acts Chapter 7, as a matter of fact, he even prayed for them.

Yes, Christ referred to the temple as his father’s house but it would be utterly unscholarly to stop there. Read the scripture till the end and educate yourself. He said he was going to bring down the temple and rebuild it in 3 days, so the temple is no longer a building but now his body, therefore Christianity does not need the big temples your foster parents who don’t know you exist, are building.

I schooled both you and your spirit daddy Paul, in yesterday’s video which I believe you should watch.

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