Guinean actress

The Sharp-witted and sexy Guinean model cum actress, Bintu Sylla has a strong desire to find love in Nigeria, having been born and brought up in the country. But on one  condition that she must have a personal feeling for her ideal man.

Bintu made this revelation, while  in a chat with HVP. She was in the country during the week, where she was unveiled as one of the brand ambassadors for the forthcoming African Cinematography Festival  which is billed to hold in Nigeria later in the year.

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Asked if she would like to marry a Nigerian man, the beauty replied, ‘Why not!, adding “If the opportunity comes my way, I will. But it depends on personal feelings.”  The leggy actress, however, was excited to return to Nigeria, after she  left the country with her parents about four years ago.

According to her, her parents spent over 30 years in Nigeria, before they returned to their home country about four years ago. “I was born and brought up in Nigeria. My parents spent more than 30 years in Nigeria. For the first time in my life I moved back to my country about 4 years ago,”  she told HVP while in a chat with the beautiful actress.

Bintu, who described the Guinean movie industry as ” backward” said, she was modelling in Nigeria before she moved back to her country. While in Guinea, she delved into acting.  She revealed it was curiosity that made her to return to her home country.

“What actually took  me back to Guinea was curiosity; to know what my country looks like, the people and its economy. It is a nice but small country. It’s a French- speaking country and it was a challenge for me to learn how to speak French because I grew up in Nigeria,”  Bintu

narrated. She, however, admitted that she started her acting career in Nigeria. Though she couldn’t do it professionally then because, according to her, ” I wanted to remain as a model.”

“It was when I got to Guinea that I realize I could be a better actress after I discovered that the movie industry in my country was so backward. I was able to talk to them and make sure they upgraded. Now that I have been chosen as one of the ambassadors for the African Cinematography festival, it will open a  new vista for me and my country.”

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