Instagram continues to look for ways to fight online harassment and that users have tools with which they can protect themselves from comments and unwanted interactions by others. That is why it has launched a new feature called “Restrict”, which allows users to feel more secure when dealing with the content of people who harass them. Until now, they could block them, but what if they found out? The consequences could be worse by causing your anger.

But with this new tool, now available worldwide, users can protect their account discreetly, while still seeing who harasses them. With “Restrict” the user can point to a follower so that their posts are only seen by that person. He will not be notified and will continue to see the publications, but the rest of the users will not see them, only the recipient. This way you will know who is bothering you, but this annoyance will not be public or can be seen by the rest of the user.

How to activate the functionality of (Restrict) on Instagram

There are several ways to designate a user as “Restricted.” The simplest is to swipe a comment to the left, which will make the option to “restrict” that person appear. You can also carry out this action in the privacy tab, where you can select all the users you want to restrict, or it can also be done by entering the profile of the person you want to restrict and clicking on the option to (restrict).

Direct messages that can be sent by a restricted person will not go to the inbox, but will be placed in a mailbox called “Message request”. The user will not be notified either when receiving these messages, but if he enters that mailbox, he will have access to them.

In addition, restricted people will not be able to know when the user has read their direct messages, nor will they see the green icon that indicates when a user is active on Instagram.

To stop “restricting” a user just enter their profile and press the “Stop restricting” button or access the privacy options and indicate that this account should no longer be restricted.

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