Flower business is quite a profitable sphere – according to statistics, only one store, out of ten closes. Therefore, if you decide to do it, you have made the right choice. In addition to all the so-called aesthetic beauty, it is also very profitable.

Advantages And Disadvantages of The Business

The business on flowers has its nuances. From finding suppliers to storing and selling. The way it is a fairly competitive niche should stand out from the rest. Also, success depends on a lot of factors, take into account everything in the business plan. From climatic conditions to population density and infrastructure development.

Advantages Of The Business

* High profitability

* Multiple ways to develop

* The ability to scale gradually

* The ability to expand the range without investment.

* Multiple peak periods for sales.

* opportunity to embody aesthetic creativity.

Disadvantages Of The Business

* The high cost of logistics to remote regions.

* The problem of finding normal suppliers

* The safety of the goods

* Dependence on the dollar

* Dependence on weather conditions.

How to open a flower business?

First of all, you need to analyze the market for demand. You can do it simply, walk through the city and count the existing stores. Further, it is necessary to calculate the available capital and the cost of rent, it is in this case, very expensive.

Where To Get The Flowers

If the population of the city, about hundreds of thousands of people, then most likely you have large sellers. They can do wholesale sales. If you still could not find a supplier, you need to look in the nearest major city. If this option did not work, you need to look for contacts on the Internet. It is also quite profitable to work directly with suppliers from Ecuador, Germany or Holland.

Selling Home Made Flowers

If you have enough free time and free territory, this is an option, to start a flower business from scratch. But keep in mind that there are quite few species of such plants. To build at least a small business, in such conditions is quite difficult. But if you live in a rural area and difficult. But if you live in a rural area and have a plot, it opens up more opportunities. Growing flowers on the site, creating greenhouse conditions for them, is quite real.

Several types of flowers that can be raised at home:

* Chrysanthemums

* pelargoniums

* tulips

* Azalie

* Annual asters.

Opening The Salon

It is fair to assume that the flower salon is an order of magnitude higher than the usual store. The difference is in the range of services provided to customers. In the first case, it is only selling flowers and making bouquets. But in the second, it is an opportunity to order decorating surfaces with flowers, creating designer baskets and so on. More often, salons even visually look more luxurious than shops.

Online Store And Delivery

You can start the business without investment. You can do this with the help of an online store. The latter can serve as a channel of additional sales, and a starting position at the beginning of the business. Delivery from the online store is quite strongly stimulated sales and positive reviews. The main thing, in this case, is the punctuality of the courier and the presence of the vehicle.

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