Google has added a new update to its Google Photos platform. Specifically it is version 4.50, which has added new tools to organize the albums of the platform.

Users can now organize their albums under three variants: “Title”, “Most recent photo” and “Last modification”. In this way, not only the albums with the most recent images appear on the platform, as was the case until now. In order to organize the platform in one of three modes, users must do the following:

* Firstly, you must open the Google Photos application and access the section «Albums» , which appears at the bottom of the interface, right next to the icon of the main screen (Photos)

* When the “Albums” section has been accessed, users should go to and click on the “Album titles” button, which appears just above the icons of the user’s different albums.

* Once you have clicked on the button, three options appear, which are those mentioned before: (Most recent photo», «Title» and «Last modification).

The first option, which is the one that comes by default, shows the albums that contain the most recent photos even though the album has been added before.

On the other hand, if you click on the second option, the photo albums will appear in alphabetical order (AZ).

In the latter case, “Last modification” shows the albums that users have recently modified even if they contain older photos.

This is not the only novelty that Google Photos has introduced recently. Last August, the firm released a new option that allows users of the platform to search texts in images and screenshots through the application. This tool uses artificial intelligence to recognize and detect the writings that appear in an image.

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