Uploading a photo to an Instagram Story is simple, it can be done by taking the image with the Instagram camera itself or by uploading it from the mobile memory reel. We must take into account, yet a number of some features, such as the image is vertical, format in which the contents in Instagram stories are consumed.

However, there are users who do not know how to upload a video to the Stories or what limitations this format has (which has them), so today we will explain how you can share a video in Instagram history easily and effectively.

There are two ways to share a video in the Story with the Instagram application. The first would be using the Instagram camera itself, touching the symbol that is identified with a camera in the upper left of the screen. You can also swipe right in the update feed to access the camera.

To take the video, click on the circle at the bottom of the screen and keep it pressed. Up to 15 seconds of video can be recorded in each Story. Once the video has been recorded, you just have to select the different stickers you want to add and, when ready, click on “Your story”, at the bottom of the screen, to share the content.

# How to upload an already recorded video to the Instagram Story

In addition to recording a video with the Instagram camera, you can also upload videos that we already have in the phone gallery. To choose one of them, just press on the camera icon we saw above and slide your finger up anywhere on the screen.

So we will access the gallery, from where we can select the video. Keep in mind that the ideal format for stories is vertical recording, so if we upload a video horizontally it will appear as a thumbnail on the screen and the rest of it will be shown in a single color.

In addition, the duration of the video must also be taken into account . Each Story has a maximum duration of 15 seconds. If we upload a video that exceeds that time, Instagram will split it in as many 15-minute Stories as necessary until it reaches the maximum minute of duration. If the video lasts more than a minute, all content that exceeds that time will not upload to the Story.

On the other hand, remember that Stories disappear within 24 hours of being published, also those that are composed of video. The only way to keep them is to add them to the profile as featured, as we have disclose to you in this article.

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