Instagram launched its sticker to include music within the Stories – the ephemeral contents that are published only for 24 hours – more than a year ago, in June 2018, although it did not do so at the same time in all territories or for all users A few weeks ago, for example, he activated it in 18 countries in Latin America, but still, there are many users who write to us to tell us that you do not know why, but the sticker does not appear within the options offered by Instagram.

So much so that we have even contacted Instagram to ask why some users do not have the Music sticker activated for their Stories. The official answer is not that it was very conclusive.

As confirmed by the company’s sources to our news source, all users should have access to the sticker that allows music to be included in the Stories. They recommend, yes, if you have any problem, check that the latest version of the application is installed, either for iOS or for Android, depending on the operating system of the device from which it is used.

As we know -by your comments and complaints on social networks- that even so, some users still do not have the possibility to include music in Instagram Stories, we have prepared a video in which, in addition to explaining how to use the sticker and the different features that it has, some of which have been added over the months, such as the possibility of adding the lyrics of the songs, we offer an alternative possibility: use a third-party application that allows you to include music in Instagram stories.

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