Adding a wallpaper video is an option that allows users to have a better experience with their smartphone or simply enjoy more every time they watch it, since this function makes the interface of a terminal can be viewed in a way more aesthetic The only problem is that it can cause the phone to consume more battery; although remember that there are methods to prolong its duration.

Anyway, not everyone knows how to put a wallpaper video. The first thing to consider is the device to be used, as the procedure is different by virtue of the operating system and terminal model.

How to put a wallpaper video on Android

With the exception of Samsung terminals, in most Android phones there is no direct option to locate a video as a wallpaper, but users can go to the Google Play store and download the following apps:

* Video Wall:- The user must download the app, open it and click on “Video File” to select the clip they wish to set in the background. The only drawback of this app is that it does not allow you to scale the video for free, you have to access the premium version. However, there are apps like InShot or Videoshop that allow you to do it.

* Video Live Wallapaper:- This application also allows you to set videos as wallpaper. The user should only download and open the app. You must accept the permissions for the platform to access the terminal reel. When the permissions have been granted, the user can click on the camera icon that appears in the interface and select the clip that you want to set as the background. The user can add effects and customize the content of the file. When you have done so you must scale the video to fit the screen. Once you have scaled the video you can now set the image as a wallpaper from the app itself.

* Samsung, the exception. Users who own a Samsung brand smartphone should do the following. First, they should go to the Phone Gallery and click on the video they wish to set in the background. Then they must search and click on the icon with the three vertical dots, located in the upper right area. Then you must click on Set as wallpaper. Once this is done, go to “Edit” and cut the clip to last less than 15 seconds. When they have done this they can already set the video as wallpaper.

How to put a wallpaper video on iOS

Apple smartphones do not allow you to add a video as such wallpaper. However, Live Photos can be added , which are images that when pressed show movement. This function is available for models from the iPhone 6S.

* IntoLive is available in the App Store for free. When the user downloads and opens the app, it must allow access to Photos. The user can watch the videos of his reel and select the one he wants. The app allows you to edit the video, adjusting the duration, correcting the color, changing the orientation, etc.

Then you have to click on the “Create” button, located in the upper right area. Now, the user can choose the payment option by clicking on Continue or the free function by clicking on No repetition. When you have selected one of the options, just wait a few seconds and click on (Save LivePhoto) at the bottom. The user can now add the background created from the iPhone settings.

* LiveGif Discover Converter:- The user must open the application and click on the video icon located in the center and bottom of the interface. Then you must select the video you want to convert into Live Photo. When you have chosen it, you can adjust the scale and duration time. Then you must click on export. Finally, the user must go to the Photos app and search for the exported video. If you click on the share option in the lower left, you can set the video as wallpaper.

* PicPlayPostMovie:- This application has a similar operation to the previous one. The user must open the app and click on the option Create New Project. Next, click on Create a Movie or Sideshow. Once you have clicked there you must choose the Vertical 9:16 option, click on Full Screen and select the video you wish to set in the background. You can add music to the video and use different customization options. Then, the user must click on Save and Share. Finally, you have to go to the gallery, find the clip and click on the share icon and set as wallpaper.

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