A child’s entry into school always presents a great deal of stress and mental stress. Suddenly everything changes. A change not only in the life of the child but also in the parents. It’s a huge step for the whole family. The beginning of the school year is always a stressful period for children. Almost every child is afraid of the first days in a new place and in a new team. Maybe your child may not be. So it needs to be thoroughly prepared for everything, especially mentally.

Before the start of the school year, parents had long ago purchased everything consistently. However, not only the school bag, textbooks, stationery and the necessary knowledge are the foundation that a child needs before entering school. It must also be prepared mentally.

First of all, the child needs to adapt to a new, more stressful environment. Of course, school children had previously been placed in a kindergarten team and were able to adapt to the new environment, but entering school also represents a huge change and stress for the child. He must suddenly be alone in school, be able to work with a teacher, endure hours without mom and father, cannot play, listen carefully and perform homework. This process is very difficult for the child.


From a mental point of view, kindergartens always try to prepare a child to enter school. It tries to prevent disappointment from the new team and environment. The child should take a favorable attitude towards learning and school. Already at present, most elementary schools organize open door days where parents can come with their children to see and learn about the new school environment. So an open day is a perfect opportunity to slowly prepare your child to enter school. Parents can help their child, especially if they are more shy, to adapt by facilitating their first days by, for example, inviting their classmates home, or visiting a classmate’s family. If the child initially has trouble finding a friend, then it is nice and pleasant to explain that in a few moments will find a lot. Sometimes a child is under a lot of stress, therefore, he stops talking about school, which is new, as he is doing, he answers only one word. Stress complicates the child’s optimal performance, so your child should be assisted as much as possible.


It is advisable to focus on how to introduce him/her into the new environment. It is necessary to look for books on children at school, various fairy tales, and stories, for example, on the Internet. There is also a lot to talk about school, especially positive, how cool it will be and how fast it will find a child’s friends. Adaptation is the first three months.

Teachers watch the children, help them, the child adapts to the new regime within about three months. It would be good to have both parents go to school on the first day with both parents because this day is very significant. The child will be less stressed and will be more acceptable to him / her, then he/she needs to be mentally encouraged and relieved of stress at all times.

It is also good to talk to one’s child everyday as he was at school, what is new, how he feels about school, whether he has already found friends, how he has been adopted into the environment. The important thing is to help him with his tasks, with everything he needs to go to school. Trying to motivate him. It is also important that when a child comes out of school, they breathe for at least an hour and then start doing tasks not immediately. This eliminates the burden and stress.

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