Sherbet ice cream is an extraordinary delicacy that has appeared in the eastern countries. It was prepared only for special occasions: the reception of highly standing guests, as a dessert at any celebration or wedding.

Nowadays, sherbet ice cream can be purchased in any supermarket or store, but real connoisseurs of home cooking and lovers of sweets can cook this delicacy at home.

Ice cream-sherbet has quite a wide range of species and flavors, as it can be cooked from a variety of berries, fruits, mixing and combining them with chocolate, vanilla, nuts, mint, and getting more and more flavors.

A simple cooking technology does not require a special ice cream, which makes it easy to cook sorbet at home.

Sherbet ice cream: a simple recipe at home


* 300 grams of frozen berries pitted cherry, raspberry, strawberry, or any other berry, to your taste.

* Sugar sand – 200 grams of one glass.

* 50 ml of fatty and very thick cream.

* 1 tablespoon honey.

* 1 tablespoon lemon juice.

The time of preparation of ice cream-sherbet in general will take about 8 hours, after which you can enjoy a real delicacy, which is very light and low-calorie. The calorie content of ice cream-sorbet is 122.14 kcal.

1. Cooking: Initially, it is necessary to prepare the berries for the sorbet. If you have taken strawberries, it should be thoroughly rinsed, as well as any other berry. Cut into quarters and put in a container, covering it on top with food film, you can just cellophane bag and put in the freezer for freezing.

2. While the berries are frozen in the freezer, it is necessary to prepare a creamy jelly for further sorbet. To do this, mix the sugar and cream in a saucepan and put the mixture on a slow fire until simmering. When the sugar is well dissolved in the cream, add honey and lemon juice to the mixture. Boil the mixture for 2 minutes, stirring regularly.

3. The resulting mixture should be cooled to room temperature, it can take about 2 hours.

4. By the time the cream mixture cools down, the prepared berries should be completely frozen in the freezer. Now you can start the next stage of cooking the sorbet.

5. Place the berries in a blender bowl, immerse the creamy mass and thoroughly beat all the ingredients at the maximum speed of the blender, until the uniform mass is formed. The resulting mixture should be placed in glass glasses or plastic containers suitable for freezing. Decorate the sorbet on top can be a pair of berries, chocolate chips, or crushed nuts.

6. Send the ice cream for 5 hours to the freezer for a full freeze.

Mint chocolate-banana sorbet

This type of ice cream is an extraordinarily delicious dessert, which can also be easily prepared in home cooking.

To prepare you will need:

* 300 grams of frozen bananas.

* 60 grams of condensed whole milk.

* 4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder.

* 6 leaves of fresh mint, which must be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

Preparation process:

Put the frozen bananas on the bottom of the blender cup, add condensed milk, cocoa powder and mint leaves.

Stir everything with a blender until the mixture is smooth.
Put the ice cream in portioned cups, you can use a regular food container for food storage.

Gently put on top of the sherbet a few circles of bananas and a couple of leaves of mint – this will serve as a look decoration. Place the sherbet ice cream in the freezer for 5-6 hours to freeze. After 6 hours to get the finished ice cream from the freezer and you can please yourself and your loved ones with an extraordinary chocolate-banana dessert.

Strawberry-basil sorbet

It is believed that strawberries can not be combined with basil, especially in dessert dishes.

To make this type of ice cream you will need the following ingredients:

* 300 grams of frozen strawberries.

* 60 grams of whole condensed milk.

* 4 leaves of fresh basil.

If you do not like basil for any reason, it can always be replaced with fresh mint leaves. But exactly the combination of strawberries with basil will be able to create an extraordinary taste and flavor of ice cream dessert, which you will remember for a long time.

Preparation process:

The first step is to put the strawberries in a blender bowl, adding condensed whole milk and fresh basil leaves.

All components must be stirred in a blender at the maximum speed of the blender. If a submersible blender is used to prepare the sorbet, before cooking the sorbet it is necessary to defrost the berries a little, so that the blender can cope with it.

Once a homogeneous mixture is received, it can be spread over glass glasses or portioned cups, which are suitable for freezing.
Putting ice cream in cups, you can decorate it, putting on top of a couple of strawberry berries and a leaf of basil.

After that, the ice cream should be removed to the freezer for a full freeze for 5-6 hours. After that, you can apply the dessert for its direct purpose.

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