Fruit ice is an excellent cooling delicacy in a hot period. It can be a great replacement for ice cream, at the same time, for a long time quenches thirst.

It can be prepared with ease at home, it will require fruit juice and special forms for freezing. It turns out to be very useful, because the preparation does not use preservatives and fats, which can negatively affect the figure.

The composition will be only useful vitamins, minerals, which are usually part of fruit or berry juice. But before you start cooking homemade sweet ice, be sure to learn the basic principles of its preparation.

In fact, cooking it does not require much effort, everything is done quite simply and easily.

The main thing in the presence must be juice from natural berries, fruits. It also adds various spices, sugar sand.

Some Important Features To Study:

Cooking ice based on fresh fruit. This delicacy can be made from fresh seasonal or frozen fruit. But before you start cooking, be sure to thoroughly rinse all the components of dust and dirt. As soon as the fruit is washed, it is recommended to rub them and after that you can start cooking ice;

Ice is based on juice. This is the most common technology of cold dessert. In this version it is prepared very quickly. To do this, you need to squeeze out of fruit or berries juice. Then it can be mixed with ground pulp. Liquid mixture is poured into molds and removed in the freezer for a while. As soon as an ice crust is formed on the surface, a stick is inserted into each mold and removed back into the freezer until completely frozen;
Ice from sugar syrup. The technology of cooking this ice is quite simple. The preparation requires juice from fruits, berries, sugar and water.

Water is poured into the container, sugar is poured and everything is mixed. Then the berries or fruit is ground to a puree mass. Then the puree of berries or fruit is put in sugar syrup and stirred. The finished composition is poured into moulds that are removed into the freezer.
The easiest recipe to make ice according to a simple recipe will require:

Freshly squeezed juice from any fruit or berries.

Several currant berries.

Freezer stools.

Preparation time is 3-4 hours.

Calories – 110 kcal.

You can use any molds for cooking. The yoghurt moulds are perfect. Juice is recommended to use only fresh. You can squeeze berries or fruits or pass through a juicer. Of course, you can freeze and store juice, but the taste will not be the same.

In fruit or berry juice you can add a little pulp, this ice will be much tastier, and its structure will resemble ice cream. Pour the liquid into the molds and remove for a while in the freezer.

As soon as the mixture begins to freeze and the top is covered with a crust of ice, sticks should be inserted into the molds. Remove to the fridge until completely frozen.

How to make Apple-pear ice from fruit

The following components will be needed for cooking:

* Half fresh lemon

* Fresh pear – 300 grams

* Two apples

* 200 grams of sugar

* A glass of clean drinking water

* A bag of vanilla.

* Cooking time is 3-4 hours.

How to make fruit ice at home:

* Pears and apples are washed well from dust, dirt.

* Then cut the pears with apples into 4 parts, cut outlets with seeds.

* Cut the fruit pulp into small pieces.

* Put the fruit slices in the blender container.

* Grind the pears with apples to the state of puree.

* In an enamelled pan or pot pour water, fill with sugar sand, add vanilla.

* Put on fire and leave to boil, As soon as the first bubbles appear on the surface, the container should be removed from the heat.

* Put in a hot syrup puree of fruit, stir until smooth.

* As soon as the mixture is warm, check for readiness, if the fruit is hard, the container can be put on fire and boiled to a boil.

* Pour the lemon juice, cool and pour into the molds.

* Remove the molds in the freezer and leave to freeze.

* As soon as an ice crust is formed on the surface, insert the sticks.

* Freeze until ice is formed.

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