Today, people continue to create new video games for consoles that have long been discontinued, something that is known as homebrew in English and that often serves to fulfill a childhood dream by creating a game for the console you had when you were little.

But it is also a fun challenge for anyone dedicated to the design or development of video games: Retro hardware has many restrictions that will challenge your creativity. In the 90s, these restrictions were a mess for professional developers. However, today we have better tools and creating games for those consoles is much more accessible.

Last year I wrote an article about how to make a game for the Game Boy and today I want to share my experience when creating three video games for the SEGA Mega Drive video game console. This is probably the easiest game console when making a homebrew videogame, thanks to the powerful tools available. For example, I managed to create a game (very basic) in 60 minutes that works on the console.

The games
Last year, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Mega Drive, I made a video game entitled ’30 Years of Ninten don’t. : obviously a tribute to the best games of the video game console and the aggressive marketing strategy that SEGA carried out at the time (with the slogan “Genesis Does what Ninten don’t.”). Genesis was the name by which the Mega Drive was known in North America.

In this game you are a SEGA evangelist who must convince other players to leave their NES and SNES video consoles because Mega Drive has better games. The game was published online for free during the 30th anniversary of the console and can be played here.

Since then, I have also created two other (small) arcade games for the game console:

These three video games are now available in a cartridge published by Cote Gamers. It comes in a beautiful plastic box like real vintage video games and brings a series of gift cards.

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