Google has launched a new feature that allows users to practice the pronunciation of words in other languages directly from the search engine.

Until now, users could use Google to search for the definition of a particular word or to know how its pronunciation was in another language, listening to Google pronounce it after clicking on the icon of a speaker. This helped considerably, but now they will not only be able to listen, but they can also pronounce the word and Google will say if the pronunciation is correct or not, and how they should improve.

Google will use voice recognition and process the words by separating them into individual fragments to analyze the sounds pronounced by the user in the microphone of your mobile phone. Later, you will cross those sounds with the correct pronunciation and that will allow you to offer an assessment of your pronunciation, explaining how you should improve it, if necessary.

The new functionality is now available, although only in American English. Of course, Google has confirmed that in the coming weeks it will also be available in some other languages.

Images to understand the meaning of the words

Along with the possibility of improving the pronunciation of words in other languages, Google has also added another new functionality to its search engine. From now on, when a user searches for the translation of a term, in addition to offering the explanation, the Google search engine will display images that help put the word in context and so the user has an easier understanding of its meaning.

For now, Google will display images with all the nouns searched from English to all other languages, and will incorporate in the coming weeks the possibility of searching in other languages and not only nouns, but also verbs and adjectives.

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