Instagram has been conducting a test since April that hides the “likes” of posts so users can’t see it. The test, only a couple of weeks ago, was extended to all countries of the world and implies that only the author of a photograph or video can know the total number of likes he has obtained.

The movement is also being carried out by Facebook, which since the end of October is also carrying out similar tests . What the company wants is to see if, in this way, the experience is healthier for users and they don’t get carried away by the “tyranny of like”, no envy is generated and the conversation on these social networks is enhanced. Depending on the results of the tests, Facebook has indicated that it plans to launch the changes definitively.

While the official confirmation arrives or not – everything seems to indicate that it will be like this, something that mainly concerns the influencers in these social networks – users can take the initiative and decide to hide the total number of “likes” of the publications themselves from others so as not to see them and, thus, not suffer anxiety or compare the figures obtained by friends.

To do this, you just have to install a Google Chrome extension – it is necessary to use this operating system on your computer – called Hide Likes Everywhere. As indicated on its own website, it is the way to take measures against “vanity” in social networks, not only on Facebook and Instagram – the ones that are carrying out the tests – but also on YouTube and Twitter, among others.

It is only necessary to install the extension in the browser and indicate which are the social networks in which you want to remove the “like” counter from the publications of others, as well as include the name of the user. With that ready, you can see your social networks without worrying about the “likes” of others.

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