FaceApp, the application that allows you to know what your face will look like in the future, has come up with the criticisms and comments that have been produced in recent days about how it treats the personal data provided by users.

Certainly its Conditions of Use are somewhat vague and indicated the possibility of transferring the information (the uploaded photographs) to companies of the same developer group or to “affiliated” firms for any purpose without the user having to receive any consideration for it, but the application wanted to clarify some of the issues to end the controversy.

This is stated in an official statement FaceApp, which states that the photographs used by users are stored in the cloud “for reasons of performance and traffic.” The company emphasizes that only the photograph selected by the user is uploaded to the cloud and not all the ones that are in the reel of his mobile device, as has been suggested in some media these days.

In addition, FaceApp states that “most of the images” are deleted from their servers in less than 48 hours after uploading them to the cloud to process the user’s picture. According to the company, it does so for reasons of space, although it does not clarify the concept of “the majority” or which images are deleted and which are not.

As we pointed out when echoing the possible “dangers” of FaceApp, it is not necessary to log in to use the application filters, so users do not have to provide personal data, “something that 99% of users do “, establishes. FaceApp confirms this in its statement and also notes that “user data is not transferred to servers in Russia”, although it does confirm that it is in this country where its R&D team is located.

How to delete personal information from FaceApp
However, for that 1% of users who do provide personal data, the company has announced that it has a way to erase the information from the servers. However, this is not very practical.

Instead of being able to request the reset of the information by pressing a button, as in other platforms, in FaceApp it is necessary to send a message. To send the request, it is necessary to go to the “Configuration” section and there, in the “Support” area, select “Report an error”. A message can be sent there, and FaceApp says that “Privacy” must be indicated for the data to be deleted.

The user does not receive any confirmation that their data is deleted. The process is very poor and the application itself recognizes it in its statement. “We are working on the best user interface for that.”

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