How to delete files in WhatsApp and free space on your mobile

One of the most alarming messages that can come out on a smartphone is the notification that reports that there is little storage space. One of the applications that usually consume more memory is, without a doubt, WhatsApp.

Although there are applications that allow you to clean the files of this app, the user can delete some data from the messaging platform without downloading another application, which will also take up more space in the terminal.

These are the steps to follow:

* Firstly, the user must open his WhatsApp application and go to the configuration option. In the case of Android users, they must click on the icon with three dots that appears at the top of the right and then select the mentioned option. For their part, iOS users should go to the (Settings)2 icon in the lower right.

*Then, a new window appears with different options. Within this tab, users must search and select the tool called Data and Storage.

Once you have clicked there, WhatsApp will direct you to another window with different functions related to storage, such as the download mode of photos, audios, videos and documents. Users can select different options if they want to automatically download these types of files or not. As an advice, it is better to keep “No” selected so as not to occupy the phone with unnecessary files in many cases.

Returning to the topic at hand, within the Data and storage tab, users should click on Storage usage, which is the last of the options.

* In the next tab, user’s can see the memory occupied by each of their conversations in WhatsApp. The platform shows the list of chats from largest to smallest space. They must click on one of them.

Once they are inside one of the conversations, they will be able to see the memory occupied by each type of elements sent by the chat, such as photos, videos, text, voice messages, contacts. They must click on the “Manage” button. And they can empty the elements they want to free up space.

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