Videos are an essential tool when creating a network marketing campaign. Users are usually attracted to audiovisual content and if the material is good or attracts attention, it is likely to achieve a higher level of online interaction.

That is why we present a series of essential tips and to take into account when creating a video aimed at generating better results for a digital campaign. These are some essential recommendations:

* Know the goal and the story. First of all, you have to take into account the purpose of the video to be created. You should think about the reaction that is sought in the user. In this way, the video can have a different tone depending on whether you want to make the viewer laugh, cause you a feeling of nostalgia, crying, joy, illusion, etc. These sensations must, therefore, be linked to the product or service that you want to promote.

Then you have to specify the story and, in the form of a script or, at least, a ladder, trace the patterns of what will appear in the clip. Here the words of the characters should be reflected in their movements and actions and even the way they act.

* Planning and recording. When the story has been set and the purpose of the video should begin with the recording planning process. This step and the previous one are very related. The more ambitious the story, the more complicated the planning and, consequently, the recording. Sometimes, simple stories are not only easier to create, they also connect with a larger audience. Before starting to record it is essential to have selected the actors, locations and other elements that will appear in the clip.

* Get a technical team. This part may appear to be the most important, but it is not so. The relevant thing for a video to succeed is, above all, its history and not so much the means used to shoot it. However, there are simple teams that allow you to create very good quality content economically.

In addition, today, mobiles manage to make videos providing good results. That is why the sound is more important than the visual part. It is advisable to look for good microphones before cameras, without forgetting them, of course. If the visual quality is good, but a clip that can barely be heard is generated, the effort will not have served at all.

* Mount the clips. Mounting or editing a video can be a very complicated task if you don’t have knowledge. Programs such as Adobe Premiere, FinaCut or Avid are some of the best audiovisual montage software. However, they require some training to generate videos with a minimum of quality.

However, there are platforms and applications, both for computers and mobile phones , to edit videos without having to take any type of course, which are totally free and, in some cases, it is not necessary to download anything. The FlexClip video editor or the Magisto app allow you to create professional videos in just a few minutes.

* Know tools to manage and share. Once the video is created, share it on the network. For this it is advisable to use social media management tools, which allow, among other things, upload content to different platforms at the same time. In addition, users can learn statistics and data on the number of visits, the age range of the audience or even information on the best time to share content.

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