Telegram chats use end-to-end encryption to make the conversation as secure as possible. The only people who can access the messages that are sent through Telegram are the receiver and the sender, without any intermediary.

In fact, not even Telegram employees can access these types of messages.

This encryption generates some controversy since some countries believe that pedophiles or terrorists use this privacy mechanism to carry out their acts through social networks. That is why some states want to open the lock of this encryption to be able to access some conversations.

But in addition to applying this security encryption in conversations, something that WhatsApp also does, Telegram allows you to create (playSecret chats), which incorporate some extra features, such as the following:

* Auto message destruction:- Users can select a specific time after which messages will be deleted automatically. It can be “One second”, “One day”, “One week” or “Disabled”.

* Nothing in the cloud:- The user must take this feature into account, since he can only access messages from the device from which he sent them. If you change your smartphone, the conversation will appear empty and you must start over.

* No screenshots can be made:- These chats prevent users from taking screenshots to maintain the privacy of the participants in the safest way possible.

* There are no intermediaries:- As mentioned at the beginning of this article, only participants in that conversation can read messages from a private chat. Neither Telegram nor any agency can access them.

How to create a private chat on Telegram

At the moment, Telegram allows to create this type of conversations and no third party can know the messages of these private chats. To create a private chat on Telegram just follow these simple steps:

* Start Telegram:- The user must have the messaging app installed on the device and open it.

* Display the menu:- Once opened, you must display the menu on the right by sliding your finger from the right area of the screen to the left area.

* Click on (New secret chat):- Once the menu appears, the user must select the option (New secret chat).

* Select contact:- When you have clicked on New Secret Chat, you must send a request to the contact with whom you want to establish a conversation with end-to-end encryption.

* Wait for an answer. Now all that remains is for the user to whom the request has been sent to accept it to start a conversation through a private chat.

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