WhatsApp launched last week the possibility of creating product catalogs, a very useful functionality for SMEs and large companies that allows you to show users all their available products and services and also provide more information quickly when using the application as service to the customer.

In order to create a catalog it is necessary to use the WhatsApp Business application, free of charge, which is available for both iOS and Android. Consumers, on the other hand, do not have to change app, they can interact with the company using their normal WhatsApp application, provided they know their phone number.

In the following lines we explain how you can create a catalog of products in WhatsApp:

How to create a product catalog in WhatsApp Business
The first thing to do is to download and or open the WhatsApp Business application and go to (Settings), in the menu in the upper right corner.

Once there, you must go to “Company settings” and select the “Catalog” option. If the “Catalog” option does not appear, you should update the WhatsApp Business application, because you may not have the latest version of it.

Click on “Add a product or service” and click on the (+) symbol to add images of it. You can select them both from the image gallery of the mobile phone and open the camera to take a picture at that time.

Write the name of the product and a brief description of it, to help users have more information about it. Links can be included for more information and also the product code.

Touch save and repeat the action as many times as necessary to add each of the products in the company’s catalog on WhatsApp.

Now it will be much easier to share catalog products with users when you are having a conversation with them through WhatsApp. Just click on the sign (+) and “share” and, in the same way that we usually share a contact or a location, we can share a product from the catalog. Obviously, we must have uploaded it previously.

In addition, users, when they access the company’s profile on WhatsApp, will also have direct access to the catalog, where they can check all available products and services.

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