Audiovisual content is essential when trying to makeup an advert campaign or probably when trying to attract attention on social networks.

However, before launching a video it is necessary to follow some guidelines so that the content will be of good quality and eye catching for the public to see. These steps will help you minimize expenses and achieve a good result with little money.

Users who want to produce videos should define a strategy, know the available tools and have a minimum team. These are some indications to keep in mind.

-The strategy. Defining the strategy to be followed is essential to reach the achievement of objectives. In addition, it allows to know the possible problems that the production of a video can entail and the possible solutions to avoid these obstacles. It is essential to know the budget available for the entire creation process. Another element is the audience, which should be known to capture their attention in the best way.

We must take into account, above all, the use of social networks. The user must know what social networks he will use and how often he will share the videos on them. In addition, the specific characteristics of each of them, because not all of them admit the same duration, in some it is recommended to use the horizontal format and in another the vertical one.

-Recording Equipment:- When you have thought about the story you want to make, you have to start with the recording process. For this, users can invest a large amount of money to get the best devices and produce a more professional video.

However, good recording equipment must be accompanied by extensive knowledge to use them, which can make work difficult.

Therefore, Good results can be easily achieved with cheap equipment that is available to almost everyone. For example, a digital camera, a microphone, a tripod and lighting equipment. Those would be the basic elements.

A mobile phone can also be enough to create a good video as long as the story and message are eye catching and hooked to the audience. The most important thing when recording is not so much the quality of the video, but the audio. Users must listen very well to what they want to transmit.

-Mounting:- Nowadays it is not necessary to use excessively complicated programs or have great knowledge of audiovisual montage. There are programs and apps that allow you to include music, text and images in an even automated way.

-Short Videos:- As mentioned earlier, more is less. Short videos are more likely to engage users and tend to get more interaction. Not everyone has time to watch a 10-minute video, but one of only a few minutes that passes the Message.

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