Changing your username on Twitter is a simpler process than on other social networks, since there are not so many restrictions. If a user is not happy with the name they chose for their profile of this social network at first, they can change it at any time.

Twitter has the peculiarity that it has two profile names: the username itself and the display name.

The username is the one preceded by an @ and the one used to log in, which also conditions the profile URL.

The display name, on the other hand, is the one that appears highlighted when a user’s timeline is entered. Both can be changed, but each one has its rules.

To change the username, you must access “Settings and privacy” by clicking on the profile. Once there, you have to enter the “Account” section. The first option is “Username”. Within the option, you can change the username.

But certain considerations have to be taken into account. First, the username can only have 15 alphanumeric characters and must be original, that is, there can be no other one. In doing so, you can create some confusion with private messages, as the new name will appear for all users, so it may be convenient to notify.

In addition, if it is a verified account, changing the username will cause the blue badge to be lost, so in this case you have to contact Twitter beforehand.

To change the display name, you just have to access the profile and press “Edit profile”. This change is more permissive, and besides having a length of 50 characters, it can be any and even contain emojis.

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