Changing the phone number does not mean you have to start from scratch with a new WhatsApp account. Although many users do not know, WhatsApp has a function that allows you to change the phone number associated with a WhatsApp account. This means that if you have a new number but want to keep your contacts and conversations, you can do it easily.

The company itself, aware that most users do not know this functionality, has published a video on their Twitter account in which it indicates what are the steps to follow.

How to associate a new phone number to your WhatsApp account
If you are going to use a new phone number but you are going to keep your mobile, you don’t have to worry, since you will continue to keep all your WhatsApp information.

However, if you are going to change your mobile phone in addition to your number, you will have to make a backup of all the information you have in WhatsApp. This is done through the Settings / Chats / Backup / Chat Backup menu. With this you will get a file that you can take to your new phone, be it Android or iPhone, that doesn’t matter.

Now you just have to insert your new SIM card into your phone, making sure it is already active, install or open WhatsApp and click on “Options” and “Settings”. Once this is done, click on “Account” and click on “Change Number”.

By pressing (Next) you will have to enter your old telephone number and your new telephone number and click on (Next). Then you can select if you want your contacts to receive a message informing them of the new phone number you now have. It is not mandatory, but you can select everyone, those with whom you have an open conversation, or manually select those you want.

You will have to verify your phone number now by entering the code that WhatsApp has sent you via text message. That’s it! You can now use your WhatsApp account with your new phone number.

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