Creating a WhatsApp group with a large number of participants can generate different problems and inconveniences. It is common for some groups to constantly change their name because users are continually changing it. This can be annoying on many occasions, because when someone becomes familiar with a name or assimilates the title of a group, they don’t want to access WhatsApp and see what has changed.

Messaging Platform:- which already offers the possibility of deciding who can add you to a group – allows users who manage the groups the possibility to block the rest of the participants from accessing the chat features edition. Common, which not only includes the title, also the icon or image of the chat and its description.

These are the steps to follow to not allow the rest of the participants to configure the group information:

* Start the app:- The user must start the WhatsApp application and look for the group in question of which he is an administrator and of which he wishes that no participant can edit the information.

* Access the common chat:- When you have found the common chat, you must click on it to access the conversation.

* Press on the top panel:- Once you are inside the conversation, you must click on the top bar of the chat interface, where the group data, such as the participants, the title and the conversation icon appear.

* Only administrators:- At the moment you clicked on the top bar, a new window appears with the elements related to the group, such as highlighted messages, the ability to search for a message, file, link or document, etc.

You must go down that interface until you find the option “Group configuration”. There you can see several options. Among them, the Ā«Edit info. of the group”. They must click on it, which by default will have the “All participants” box checked. The user must change it by selecting Ā«Administrators only.

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