Even if you have set up your WhatsApp account so that your users cannot know when you have read a message (they are not shown the blue double check icon ) nor are they shown when it was your last connection time to the instant messaging service, There is a function that ends your sought privacy and that cannot be controlled (in theory).

This is the “writing” text that appears when you are writing a message for someone. The other person will see that you are “writing” and if, for example, after a while, he has not received any message, he may ask you what it was that you were going to send and that you have not finally sent.

To avoid this type of situation, and not feel the pressure of those who urge us to send a content to see that we have been “writing”, or that claims that it has not been finally answered, there is something we can finally do if we want to keep That degree of privacy.

Basically, we have to deactivate mobile phone data. This will allow us to work with him without other people knowing if we are connected or not. For example, we can put the “airplane mode”, something that is very comfortable because it leaves the phone offline with the press of a button, and go to the WhatsApp chat tab we were maintaining.

There, we can write the message and take everything we want to write it, since the other person will not see any warning that we are “writing.” Once we have it ready, we just have to reconnect and send it, without anyone knowing how long we have been writing.

This “trick” of leaving WhatsApp offline and then acting so that other users do not know what we do is also valid when we receive an audio message , for example. If we put the airplane mode, we can hear it without the other person knowing that we have heard it, since the icon with a small microphone will not turn blue.

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