The dark mode of WhatsApp has not yet reached the smartphones, although it is already known how its design can be. In addition, it is possible for the company to establish two dark design models for iOS, as is the case on Twitter, although it is not officially confirmed. However, where you can use the dark mode is in the web version of WhatsApp.

To be able to use the dark mode in WhatsApp Web it is essential to have at least one of these two browsers: Google Chrome or Mozilla Fierfox, since it is necessary to use an extension in both cases. This is how it can be activated in each of them:

Use WhatsApp dark mode in Google Chrome

* In Google Chrome, the user must install the extension called Stylus, which allows adding themes to the browser. The user can get this extension in the Chrome virtual store.

* Next, the user must download the dark theme for WhatsApp Web. To do this you must go to the website and click on search, an option that is represented in the right corner of the web page interface.

* In the search engine you must type the following: (Dark WhatsApp Theme by Mew). When you have found the theme, you must click on “Install with Stylish”. You can now enjoy the dark mode.

* In Mozilla Firefox, the user must install the same extension as before, Stylus. To do this, the user must go to the Firefox extension store, by entering the link

* When you have installed Stylus, you should go to the following link: There you must click on search, an option that is located in the upper right-hand corner of the web page interface, represented by a magnifying glass.

* When the search panel appears, you must type (Dark WhatsApp Theme by Mew) and install this theme in the browser by clicking on (Install with Stylish). Once this is done, you can now enjoy the new dark theme for WhatsApp Web.

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