Nigerian Stew

It is glaring that the sounds of the drum beats are getting louder, the tempo of hearts are beating faster, as a result of heightened activities from constituencies to wards, down to interior villages and creeks, as all parties are putting final touches to their campaign manifestoes and also gearing and getting ready for the fast approaching 2019 general elections.
Nigerians are no longer alien to political Maradona’s and abracadabra’s going by what transpired during the party primaries that eventually led to the emergency of aspirants, with special focus on the presidential aspirants, particularly, that of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC). There were accusations, or rather insinuations of cash inducement to the delegates by the PDP candidate, which was neither refuted nor accepted, and the unprecedented number of votes by the candidate of the APC in the primaries, even though he was the only person that contested for the position. Going by the outcome of the primaries, particularly with issue of parallel primaries by same party, it is evident, that all is not well yet with our electoral process.
A process that was meant to produce the best of us among us, was fraught with irregularities, thereby ending up in giving us “money miss road” and “egomaniac money bags”, who now see government and governance as investments, and campaign process, as avenue to pitch their ideas to investors, instead of advocating for programs and policies to better the lives of the populace.
It is saddening therefore to note that the country has remained in a sorry state, because energies, money, time, resources and efforts have always be expended on canvassing for investors and chefs, who always have sharing formula for the “Nigerian Stew” pot and not on how to multiply the “Stew” as Jesus did with the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fishes in bible days, that feed multitudes, making them to always come back for more.
The time has come for us as a nation and as a people to elect candidates who have the mental and intellectual capacity to develop and implement STEW multiplying strategies, in the form of good paying jobs, hospitals, roads, electricity, infrastructures, and true dividends of democracy, in order for us not to live with the pain of eating “plain white rice” all the days of our lives, or better still, as a friend said, we should not end up electing a president who have more roads constructed on TV adverts, than actual roads on ground, as one of the governors did in a particular state.
The big question is, if we are to do things differently, how many politicians cum-money bags will still be interested in politics, if the process of electioneering is changed? How many politicians will still be interested in vying for elective positions, if there is a law for instance, where the aspirant with the best documented expenses, and who spends the least money in the campaign process, will be refunded by the government? How many aspirants will still be interested in elective positions, if they are no longer able to buy votes/voters? How many aspirants will still be interested in politics, if there are no longer emoluments, salaries and fringe benefits, peaks of office, to presidents, governors, house members etc.? Will the seemingly teeming followers of politicians still be there to sing their praises, if the money that serves as inducements is no longer part of the election process? Will our politicians based on strategies and policies of development get enough conviction from the electorate to warrant a vote, if there are no more money to be shared during party primaries or general elections?
The questions may be rhetoric, as we may wait for a life time before answers can be provided, but as the election approaches, the electorate should be aware that there are huge benefits if the right thing is done. The forth coming election, should not be between APC or PDP, as the difference between them is six and half a dozen, rather, the choice should be between good and evil, not evil or a lesser evil, going backward or going forward, staying still or putting the nation in her rightful place in the comity of nations, or we may end up playing the blame game all the days of our lives. The choice before us is to vote the aspirants, not based on well-known and established parties, but those who have the courage and mental capacity and interest of the nation at heart, to chart our course from the dark alleys of political, social and economic failure, to the glittering brightness of the great future, which all will be proud of, and not voting again for those, who are grand masters in developing strategies on how to win elections and not on how to govern the nation.
The Nigerian Stew is at stake and it’s only the electorate that can determine the new chefs and how the stew will be shared, let no one convince us otherwise. Let’s go beyond voting wisely, but also advocating for a change of guards/chefs for this STEW belongs to us all, not the unfortunate money miss roads and egomaniac money bags and cabals. Nigeria has a great future! What we do now will determine how bleak or bright that future will be.

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