Guardiola wants to shield Sterling for fear of Madrid.

Manchester City plans to offer a renewal contract to Raheem Sterling to avoid that teams like Real Madrid can scold him. The ‘citizens’ are willing to offer about 30 million per season.

The Club is willing to offer him 450,000 pounds per week.

Raheem Sterling is on its own merits one of the most decisive players in current European football. The English, far from being satisfied with what he already consecrated last season, has started the current one at a spectacular level. With Manchester City he accumulates nine goals and three assists in the 12 games he has played with the club since the start of the season. In addition, with England has four goals and four assists in the four games played between the two stops by the FIFA windows made so far.

The player likes, you just have to see him. His speed, power and relationship with the goal placed the top poster and that is why he has been on the Real Madrid list for some time.

Pep Guardiola is excited to see Sterling improve in every game, he makes differences and generates beyond the goal, understands the game and participates in it. He is a player quoted by many and both the Catalan coach and the high levels of citizens know it. Hence they prepare a great movement to shield him from being captured.

Manchester City is aware of Real Madrid interest in Sterling. It is from there that he is preparing a mega-contract for the striker that banishes any option that whites have to seize him.

The church report on Sunday Express that Guardiola plans to offer the player 450,000 pounds per week to retain him. The City responds with gold to the English, who wants to renew his contract by placing him among the best paid in the world.

According to the aforementioned media, Manchester City would be willing to put Sterling on the table more than half a week to renew with them and renounce any type of departure. It would be close to what the big stars charge, about 30 million euros per season. The Englishman, who faces his fifth year as a citizen, has a contract until 2023, after his last renovation almost a year ago.

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