Pep Guardiola lives his worst season as a Manchester City coach. The coach has seen how the Premier League has become almost impossible after seeing Liverpool escape nine points and move fourth in the standings. The game does not convince in these last dates and it seems that the multiple expenses – more than 1,000 million since taking the team – without effect have made the sheikh lose faith.

For the first time in his career, Guardiola is in a situation of real danger of being stopped. Never in his career as a professional technician, Coach might faced a possible termination before the end of his contract. Everything will depend on the results of the Champions League, the great argument for which Pep was signed and has not won in four seasons with the citizen team.

Guardiola is nervous. He was seen the other day losing the papers after the defeat against Liverpool, complaining about the VAR and not wearing a game according to the pedigree that is presupposed.

The coach, seeing them coming, has decided that before they kick him out, he had better move on, to filter that he has a better offer from a great club – this week we talk about Bayern Munich – than to accept that they will throw him out. For now, the plan has worked out beautifully for a Guardiola who has covered tabloid covers discussing his future and increasing its value.

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