Growing up, I felt that men were monsters – Ifu Ennada


Ifu Ennada begged for redemption while narrating a scenario that occurred to her head after seeing a “handsome shirtless boy” from her balcony.

The reality show star revealed that he suffered a variety of abuse at the hands of family members, a former employer, people he trusted and that he also grew up in an environment where men beat their wives for no reason to prove it. All this took its toll and he left thinking that men were monsters as they grew up.

Ifu Ennada also revealed that sometimes she imagines herself having children through a substitute so as not to interrupt her life and her future with the problems of having a relationship with a man.

She wrote;

My people I think I legit need redemption. So this just happened – From my balcony I saw a shirtless hot guy and went “oh my goodness, this guy is sweet…” I started thinking of the things that could be, but in that same breath I quickly said “abeg nothing dey there jare, dis one go be like the rest.”

When I went back inside I reflected on my actions and just marveled at how far I’ve come in blocking men out of my life. Do you know that sometimes I imagine myself having kids through a surrogate just so that I don’t disrupt my life and future with the problems that come with being in a relationship with a man?

But can anyone really blame me? I grew to watching and hearing countless news of 72 year old men raping 3yrs old girls and getting away with it. Sadly, this is still a norm in my country. I grew up in an environment where men beat their wives for no reason just to prove a point – I still can’t tell what the point is. I have suffered a variety of abuse in the hands of relatives, a former employer and even people I trusted. As a young child everywhere I looked, the society made it seem like only men had the power to make wealth and even the women didn’t help… So how can anyone even blame me for the way that I am?

Growing up I felt men were monsters, it also didn’t help that the government was/is run by mostly men who have eveything but good thoughts for Nigeria, so I was a very f*cked up kid even though I was/am a bright Star. I was a Rebel.

I have been trying to make adjustments but I don’t think my redemption will happen in one day.


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