Google continues to work to improve its Google Maps platform so that it becomes not only a simple GPS, but a social network to use. The technology firm has announced that it is developing a new function that will allow users to follow local guides to discover what their recommendations are in addition to the places they usually travel.

However, for now, the company will begin to test the functionality in some different places where users, of the more than 120,000 million local guides available to the platform, can only follow those who have a higher score. You can get it through reviews, opinions, share photos, etc.

For now, Google will launch this function in nine cities around the world such as Delhi, Mexico City, Osaka, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, London, New York, San Francisco and Tokyo.

Users can find these Google Maps influencers in the section called “Discover places of the premises”. There you can select the profile you want . Then, within the profile of the local guide, the user will be able to click on the “Follow” button that will appear below his profile picture and the internet user biography that the company introduced a few days ago.

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