It has not yet come to light – it will foreseeably in beta on Monday, December 2 – but Gloria is generating a lot of expectation. This is the name of a new social network created by two Argentine entrepreneurs who live in Silicon Valley (United States), Victoire Cogevina and Matias Castello, and whose objective is clear: that young soccer promises can create their profiles and share their skills with the ball so scouts can find them.

It is curious, but this market niche was missing to complete in the universe of social networks. Obviously, the aspirants to wear the Real Madrid or Boca Juniors shirt do not find on LinkedIn, the largest professional social network, their greatest ally when looking for work. They needed a specific application since there was nothing as such.

On the other hand, scouts who wanted to discover new football talents had to go stadium by stadium, contemplating matches of lower categories of great teams or visiting modest clubs, to find the stars of the future ball. Now with Gloria they will have it easier, since they can see the kids in action through the Internet.

This social network is nevertheless open to anyone, regardless of the level they have, who likes to play football. When you register you will have to share personal information such as the date of birth, height and – eye, important – the size of the foot, as well as the position in which you play in the field.

They can also upload videos with their skills, indicate what they have achieved, in which clubs they would like to play and with all this, each user will be completing a form that will be accessible to both football teams, federations and professional scouts and that can perform searches by filtering through that data.

For this, they will have clubs and scouts will have to pay (not so users who upload their profile). In fact, Gloria opens on Monday this week with her first client, the Argentine Super League. The 24 teams that make it up can now access the platform to find new talent. So those interested in playing football professionally should not take long to open their profile.

According to the creators of Gloria, after the Argentine federation they will seek the support of other federations around the world, to bring their social network to all markets. For now, on Monday they will present the beta version of their application in Buenos Aires.

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