Every day new mobile applications and social networks arise that try to connect users to each other, some with the aim of linking and meeting new people and others simply with the intention of alleviating the loneliness of those who do not find who to talk to.

Friended is an application that meets these two objectives. On the one hand, it seeks that those who feel can only show themselves to the world as it is, which, in addition, entails the possibility of linking or establishing a special relationship. It has been launched only a few days ago and, unlike what happens with other recent successful apps like Facebook, it is not based on anonymity, but on communication with other people who do not know each other, but privately.

In this sense, he is already considered a possible rival of Tinder. In Friended, users can publish a kind of Story, a text on a colored background or with a photograph, in which they comment on how they feel, their experience regarding a specific situation, their mood. Actually, this publication It is no more than an excuse for other users to give their opinion, comment on their writing, but always privately.

That is, following the publication, conversations can be initiated, but no one can judge publicly neither the photograph nor the content published by the user. That’s where the differential point of this app lies. It is not necessary to match, but if you motivate the publication of a user, you can answer. The idea is that everyone who feels alone, find who to talk to, their developers point out.

At the moment, Friended is only available for iOS – there is no Android version yet – and is not available in all markets. For example, in Spain it still cannot be used, and they are mostly Anglo-Saxon countries where it can be downloaded, although it may not take too long to launch internationally, since it is generating enough expectation in its first weeks of existence.

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