In addition to photographs – and collections of up to 10 images in the same post – in the Instagram feed you can also publish videos. Most users know it, but they don’t get the most out of the videos. At least this is what Instagram believes, which has launched a series of tips to maximize the potential of videos on the social network.

In total, there are five simple tips focused on making videos that generate more interaction on Instagram. They would be the following:

* Choose the appropriate frame:- Most users do not know that, as in YouTube, you can choose the frame that will be shown as the cover of the video. Of course, this only happens when the content is recorded directly with the camera included in the Instagram app. Once you have finished recording your video, at the bottom of the screen you will see the option to choose which will be the frame that is displayed in the users feed. Selecting it well is important, because the first impression counts a lot.

* Captar attention in 5 seconds:- Although Instagram videos can last up to a minute, it is important to take care of the first five seconds of recording, because it is the time we will have to get the attention of the user and continue watching the content. If you get bored, it will take less than five seconds to move on to the next post.

* Keep the focus:- As in the photographs, when recording a video with the Instagram camera you can focus on an object that you want to draw attention to. Just press on the screen on the object to which you want to direct the user’s attention.

* Stability:- It is important that the image does not vibrate. Therefore, if you do not have an image stabilizer, it is advisable to rest your phone on a wall or table. There are also specific tripods for mobile phones that you can use to gain stability.

* Previous script. Prepare the material you want to record, as well as the script of the video. If, for example, you are going to film several people from your company, prepare in advance the questions and answers that will be commented on camera.

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