The world’s most popular online video platform, YouTube, has given a facelift to its homepage and has just launched a redesign that adds new features to the Home, improves viewing and reveals a clear interest in making it more Easy for users to find an upcoming video to watch.

The new homepage is now available for both computers and YouTube apps for tablets with Android and iOS operating systems, not for mobile phones. The deployment has already begun, although not all users can still experience it if they enter YouTube. According to Google, in the coming days it will be available to everyone.

What are those changes that YouTube homepage redesign includes? On the basis, the amount of content that is displayed is reduced so that those that are displayed look better. The five main novelties would be the following:

* Long titles and larger thumbnails with better resolution. The user can thus have more information about the videos shown.

* Content blocks are eliminated, although thematic rows still exist with breaking news, or with musical recommendations, among others.

* The logos of the channels are shown below each video, to facilitate the recognition of the creators.

* Customization options: From now on the computer you can also add content to queue, selecting how many and which videos to watch without interruption.

* Possibility of using the “Do not recommend channel” option not only on mobile phones, but also on the desktop version of YouTube, to communicate to the platform what channels the user does not want to suggest content.

YouTube has also pointed out that in the coming months it will incorporate in the Android mobile application the possibility to customize the homepage with themes , something that will also reach desktop computers and tablets, not so on iOS.

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