Snapchat has released a new filter that allows users to make three-dimensional drawings and add them to a clip or image using Augmented Reality (AR). The user can use this filter through the front or rear camera.

The following video shows how the user was able to draw a picture on a video captured with their mobile’s rear camera. In this case it is a drawing of blue eyes, eyebrows and a purple moustache. The illustration could be integrated into the front of a vehicle without any problem. In addition, the new effect allows the user to move the phone without the created object losing the fixed reference place thanks to Snapchat’s AR technology.

As mentioned above, the effect can also be added from the phone’s front camera. The following example shows how a young woman has made a three-dimensional mask that she has applied to her face using Augmented Reality. As in the previous one, the effect tracks the movement, in this case, of the young woman’s head.

Users can access the effect by launching their Snapchat app and accessing the platform’s camera interface. In the AR bar you can see the “Create” option. You must click there to be able to make these three-dimensional drawings.

At the moment, this filter is only available for iOS oS devices. Android users will need to be on hold for some time to enjoy this new feature. Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, hopes to bring this three-dimensional painting effect to devices running Google’s operating system in the coming months.

This is not the only filter with novel effect that Snapchat has recently released,which constantly innovates in this regard to offer new applications to users. Even last year he launched dog filters.

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