Facebook will begin phasing out the “Live with” feature that allows Facebook users to stream live with other Internet users using apps for iOS and Android.

The company, through a , has assured that it will focus on other experiences that “generate greater value for the community.”

Facebook launched this feature in 2017, firstly for iOS users. Then he extended the function to Android users. Internet users, with (Live With), could invite a friend to a live broadcast so that two users can go out together, without being in the same place, in the live video interface.

Users could add to those who were watching the live broadcast by sending them a request to enter the live stream. However, these viewers could accept the request or reject it if they did not want to appear live. That link can no longer be used.

For some users, this issue has been indifferent; However, other Internet users have received the news with some sadness and discontent.

Facebook’s decision may be due to many reasons; among them, that the function did not have a huge success among the public. Internet users who want to watch a live video look for something that will entertain them for a long period of time. However, achieving lasting and live content can be a very complex and even expensive task for creators.

Facebook already tried to take advantage of the momentary boom of live broadcasts a couple of years ago by launching an application dedicated to it, Bonfire, which also included the option of adding friends to broadcasts. However, the company ended up closing it for not receiving enough support.

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