Facebook was set last year as one of its main objectives to revitalize the Groups within the social network, as a way to create more private spaces among members of the same community that had common interests.

Since then, it has launched numerous new functionalities for them, such as the fact of promoting the contents that are published in them giving them more weight by the algorithm, the possibility of creating exclusive hashtags for Groups or the creation of specific Groups for coworkers, Two of the latest tools released in recent weeks.

However, they do not finish tracing the flight. The social network considers that perhaps it is because administering a Group can be a tedious task for the person in charge of it, especially if it is a large one, in which a large number of users are registered. That is why it has now launched a new functionality, which already anticipated this summer: the recommendation of Group administrators.

Facebook has indicated that, from now on, it will take into account the activity carried out by a person within a Group, how it interacts with the contents published in it and how it relates to the rest of the members of the Group. The objective is to be able to identify those members who interact most and who could be new Group administrators.

The social network will show the administrator or current administrators a warning message in the Tools section of the Administrator, which shows the activity of the last 28 days, in which it will recommend certain members of the Group so that they can also make them administrators and that help them in their homework. You can do it if you wish with the press of a button.

The “recommended” user, meanwhile, will not receive any notification, so he will not know if the Administrator of the Group to which he belongs has decided to reject that suggestion that he will not be aware of. You will only receive a notification message if you have been designated as an administrator of a Group, either through this functionality or by the usual procedure at the initiative of the administrator.

The new functionality has already been deployed and appears in both the desktop version of Facebook and applications for Android and iOS

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