For many years it has been speculating about the possibility of Facebook launching its own smartwatch. It would not be a rare thing, considering that there were attempts of own phones and that it does have other hardware elements such as Portal speakers.

However, the Facebook Watch project has never materialized, although it has been ready. Apparently, according to the documentation presented to the Commerce Commission in the United States for the acquisition of the Fitbit wearable company by Google, the “other company” that was bidding until the end to take over it was Facebook.

Google ended up taking over Fitbit on November 1 by offering $7.35 per share (in total, it will make a disbursement of $ 2.1 billion). Facebook was making offers until the end, although the last one he put on the table apparently was $7.30 per share.

Finally he ran out of it, despite having stayed very close, but the interest was evident from months ago. In fact, it seems that on June 11 of this year Fitbit CEO James Park was having dinner with Mark Zuckerberg to discuss the possibilities of an eventual purchase and how this would mean the full entry of the social network in the field of wearables.

The meetings between senior managers of both companies were repeated during the month of July and September. In October, Facebook bid several times for Fitbit, until the final offer of $7.30 per share. For five cents per share, he ran out of company.

However, knowing what Mark Zuckerberg is like, he may not give up his efforts to get another similar wearable company. We will have to be attentive to the next movements that occur in this regard. Rumors about the possible arrival of a Facebook Watch are disseminated through the network strongly.

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