Facebook has announced two new functions that will allow NGOs and non-profit campaigns to raise funds through donations and contributions made by their followers.

These new options are aimed at helping non-profit organizations and seek to boost their activity through social networks. The platform, in this way, will allow followers to get involved with them to finance their projects. These are the two options that Facebook will begin to add.

– (Donate) button in the Instagram biography:- The company will allow NGOs to add a donation button to their profile. This will be shown just below the bio, in the same way that other buttons such as “Contact us” or “Call by phone” are now displayed. Until now, Instagram could only raise funds through the Stories, where there was a donation sticker . For a few weeks this donation sticker can also be used in Facebook Stories.

-Donations in video transmissions:- Facebook also expands its donation tools within live video game broadcasts. The platform has already tested this transmission donation option with a small group of creators from the United States and, from now on, all creators will be able to access the function through the Facebook Level Up program, which users must join to unlock features and monetize your game streams.

By doing so, they can raise funds for charitable causes. They just have to set an economic goal and select who the donation will go to. When a spectator donates money, a special message will appear on the broadcast thanking him for his gesture.

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