It doesn’t matter if your ability to fight against fake news is questioned, that allows politicians to advertise and publish what they want without controlling their truthfulness, that security scandals happen, that Libra has viability problems, that ends up paying the fine imposed after Cambridge Analytica or that some are determined to say that “is already dead” … Facebook continues to grow unstoppable and throwing enviable data quarter to quarter.

The company has announced its figures for the third quarter of the year, in which it continues to demonstrate its good health. During the last three months, Facebook has added 35 million new users per month and already stands at 2,449 million active users. As for daily figures, the company manages 36 million new people to join daily, and already has 1.6 billion daily users.

The figure means multiplying by more than 10 the 145 million daily users that Twitter has, to put it in context. Snapchat, meanwhile, has 210 million daily users .

Facebook grows in markets where before it did not, like North America, where it has added 2 million users, and no longer supports its development only in developing areas or immature Internet markets, as in recent quarters, although the largest Growths continue in the Asia Pacific area.

Taking into account Facebook not only as a social network but as a conglomerate of applications, the company also registers enviable data. For example, 2.2 billion people use Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger every day, and more than 2.8 billion use any of these applications at least once a month.

As for income, Facebook is also given the numbers. For example, this last quarter entered 17.7 billion dollars, which means 29% more than in the same period of the previous year. Advertising through mobile devices accounts for 94% of its total revenues, growing by two points since last year, when it accounted for 92%.

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