We care about the economy, we get angry with politics and spend hours talking about the results of our football teams … but what really moves us, what motivates us day by day, are emotions.

What remains in our memory, which we remember over time, that makes us react to a certain situation is what moves us , that manages to reach us directly to the heart.

In an environment where, as consumers, the messages we receive per day can be counted in the hundreds, getting an idea, a product, can motivate us, can reach our hearts, is a challenge that few companies can get.

In the society in which we live the client is demanding and migrates to the competition with ease if it offers better conditions, or if something attracts more attention. Thus, in order to be able to impact clients, it is necessary to provide them with added value, provide them with a differential experience, some value, some feeling.

In this area, the so-called “ sentiment marketing ” plays a fundamental role , which has to do with how the consumer feels when interacting with a brand, how the shopping experience impacts him or how he can enjoy while consuming the product.

The idea is as primitive as the creation of emotional links between the consumer and the product, making it “reach the heart” and remember the brand, or the product itself, for a long time, and especially when going to Make a similar purchase again. Surely if you stop to think, there are many products with which you feel a special affinity, and that is because you identify with their values, you feel comfortable buying them or, simply, you identify with your logo or pet.

To improve those customer experiences that have to do with how the consumer feels, professionals who understand the ‘customer care’ can be used not as another step, but as a fundamental link in the marketing chain of a product, which they bet on the so-called “sentiment marketing” as something essential. In this sense, specialize in creating ‘customer experience’ and customer loyalty.

As they indicate from this marketing agency, “you have to listen to the user and integrate their perception about each of the moments when they come into contact with the company.”

Nowadays, with new technologies, we have many ways to find out what our consumers think about our brand: vertical and horizontal networks, call centers, customer analytics …

If we want to transform customers into fans of the brand, it is necessary to move from relationships transactional and rational based solely on the product, the price and the quality, emotional relationships, based on experience and memory.

What do you think? What brands have “come to your heart”? Share them with us in the comments!

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