Belgian International striker Eden Hazard was granted an interview in Realmadrid in which he talked about his childhood and the beginning of his football career, and also recalled how he played for Chelsea and how he dreamed of being in Real Madrid.

About the desire to go to Madrid

“I always dreamed of playing for Real Madrid – for the best club in the world, so now I am happy. Thibaut Courtois always told me that Madrid is the best club, and at the end of the 2018 World Cup, I decided that I should become a Madrid player right now. However, this was not possible then, so I had to spend another year at Chelsea, and this facilitated my departure from there: the club made my decision and allowed me to leave. I had a conversation with the president of Real Madrid, and Florentino Perez told me that he was waiting for me at Madrid. I also talked with Luca Modric, and I got the impression that everyone wants to see me in Madrid, and here I am.”

About Zidane

“For any person related to football, Zinedine Zidane is a guideline: he inspired the whole world with his game. As a child, I watched his games and was fascinated by him and his game – I liked everything that Zidane did. I did not expect Zidane to return to coaching so soon after his resignation from Real Madrid, but the circumstances were such that he returned, and I moved to Madrid. I am very happy that my idol is now my coach, and I have the opportunity to learn from him. Zidane knows what the players need to say, because he was a player himself, so he is always honest with us and says what he sees fit. ”

About the game for Madrid

“When I go out on the field and see Santiago Bernabeu, I’m happy: I play for the T-shirt of Madrid, although I understand that being number 7 in the team after Cristiano Ronaldo is not so easy – this number will forever remain in history. But I’m here to play in this field and help my teammates: playing in the best club in the world was my dream. We will give all our strength to win the Champions League, La Liga and the King’s Cup – at the end of the season we must raise some trophy – one, two, three or four. We expect victories from ourselves, and for my part I will try to show my best qualities and help the team win. ”

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