Leicester and Chelsea former midfielder Danny Drinkwater received a brutal beating from six people after allegedly attempting to sleep with another player’s partner.

The former Leicester city player won the Premier League in 2015–2016 season with His former Club before joining Burnley from Chelsea.

According to the report, Denny received a brutal beating by six thugs, after partying in Manchester club where there was dedication “excessive compliments” to Kgosi Ntlhe a defender of Scunthorpe United.

Drinkwater was resuscitated by some security men after he was found helplessly beating by some Angry thugs.

The thugs had the intention not only to injure him, but also to “break his legs”, as they were reported shouting by an eyewitness something of such.

It was a violent attack and there was blood everywhere. The attackers knew he was a Premier League player and started jumping on his ankle screaming ‘let’s break his legs’. They knew it was his livelihood.

There was blood everywhere, and everything was incredibly unpleasant, ” said the witness.

Drinkwater will be out for a month due to the ankle ligaments, as well as bumps and injuries sustained on the face.

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