The president of the United States Donald Trump dose not like to slide his finger across the screen of his iPhone. It must have one of the latest models, because the company withdrew the start button when it launched the iPhone X in 2017. The last device of the apple firm that had a start button was the iPhone 8, launched in September 2016.

But Donald Trump seems to miss it. You should not manage by sliding your finger up and to the side to close the applications that you have open on your device, which must be either an iPhone X or one of the new iPhone 11 just presented last September.

In fact, the president has complained on Twitter and has done so in a very direct way. In a tweet published in his official account, which would receive his 66 million followers and in the eyes of everyone, Donald Trump dedicated a message “To Tim”, without giving more detail, although it is obvious that it refers to the current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, asking for the return of the start button.

This way of using Twitter as if it were an instant messaging system, by sending a tweet informally to a friend, is still another curious way in which the president of the United States uses his official Twitter account. The message has obtained more than 100,000 likes and is going up.

As a curiosity, Donald Trump reported that he had moved from Android to iOS in March 2017. At that time, the iPhone X had not yet been launched without a start button. so everything seems to indicate that he has changed the iPhone model and that Now, he misses his iPhone 8.

So far, Tim Cook has not offered an answer on Twitter. Possibly, because he has not been mentioned, although without a doubt his monitoring and listening team must have noticed the message sent by Trump through the social media.

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