Popular singer Davido has offered N1m to a man identified as Shoki Shitta, who was beaten on the street of lagos for allegedly disrespecting Wizkid.

Shoki Shitta who happens to be a fan of Davido had slammed Wizkid last week for not settling them when he came to Shitta in Surulere.

The street tout according to reports had instructed his gang members playing a Wizkid song to switch to Davido, whilst praising the singer, and slamming Wizkid for giving money to someone else during his visit.

Shoki Shitta who claimed they were given lots of money when Davido shot a video in Shitta with US rapper, Cassanova, further stated that Wizkid is no longer a member of the hood.

However, the street tout got more than he bargained for after he tailed Wizkid to his sister’s shop, shortly after the singer turned up with a top member of his hood, Baruwa Shitta.

Davido who watched a video of Shoki Shitta being beaten for disrespecting Wizkid told his manager Lati to give him N1m for all his trouble.

He announced saying;

Shoki Shitta

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