Church Boys
Lady Reveals That Church Boys Are The Worst Types Of BoyS To be With

A lady on Twitter has made it known that Church boys are the worst kind of men to be with because their being spirit-filled drains a lady of her spirit.

She made this statement in response to a post by one @TomiwaImmanuel on Twitter who advised ladies to stop running after trash men.

He wrote:

Your taste is trash. Your selection process is also trash.

That’s why you keep meeting and getting involved with all these trash men.

Get some Jesus-wisdom. Get you that Holy Spirit-filter.

You’ll see clearly and you’ll choose well.

In response, the lady @thedeolabee accused church boys of always guilt tripping one with the Bible.

She Wrote: I will maintain this stance till the day I die, church boys are the worst kind of men to be with. Spirit-filled that will drain your own spirit. They’ll guilt trip you with the Bible and be doing “love is patient, love is kind”

You’ll be much better with a kind-hearted person. More often than not, these “spirit-filled” guys are pretentious and they don’t even know it. They are obsessed with their Christian church image, that no real Christ-like character has been formed in them

They walk the walk and talk the talk, so they’ll actually pass your small tests and observations.

You’ll meet a guy that checks all your Christian sister boxes but you just can’t shake that uneasiness you feel about him, you’ll be wondering “God why won’t you let me do this?” That’s God telling you that he’s a scam dear.

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