United Delta North Youths


Very recently, there has been upsurge in malicious and slanderous allegations against the Hon. Minister of State for Petroleum, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu by some self-styled apostles of hate, whose stock in trade is to pull others down since they cannot attain their heights.

They resorted to the publication of what could best be described as a fictitious and maligning piece against the person of Dr. Ibe Kachikwu. In the recent publications, they attempted unsuccessfully to paint the Honourable minister as a man whose commitment to President Buhari and APC claim is questionable.

In trying to justify their bizarre accusations, they based their argument on the result of the last presidential and National Assembly elections, and claimed that the performance in Delta North lies squarely on Dr. Kachikwu.

The purpose of this rejoinder is to  look at some of the issues raised in their previous publications, diffuse the baseless accusations and call for caution.

According to them, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu is working for Okowa. The shallow foundation of the claim was as a result of a statement purportedly credited to Dr. Kachikwu that “Okowa is my friend”. We are also aware that the Hon. Minister also said that his friendship with Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa does not in any way affect his commitment to APC. The writer and his agents would have been happier if the Minister was in terms of unspeakable enemity with the Governor. Is that the right way to go? Is politics war? Have we not seen cases where brothers are in different political parties? Does that invalidate the fact that they are brothers? On this, the writer goofed and therefore,we call on him and his paymasters to desist from such crude political mentality.

They also claimed that Dr. Kachikwu said ” I will continue to work with Okowa to make sure that Delta North finish their 8 years” . We wish to state clearly that the Hon. Minister did not at anytime make such statement. It is false, misleading and mischievous. We challenge them to provide evidence to prove when and where such statement was made by the Minister.

They further stated that since the day Dr. Ibe Kachikwu was appointed as Minister by President Buhari, that he has never shown interest or worked for the interest of the party in Delta State.

This again is very untrue, and the Chairman of the party in the state, Prophet Jones Erue has repeatedly and most recently acknowledged the pivotal roles played by the Hon. Minister in ensuring the smooth running of the party. It’s on record that whenever the party needed support financially and morally, the Minister has never failed to take up responsibilities. Maybe the APC that the Minister does not show interest in only exist in the polluted mind of the paid writer.

There was also this infantile assumption by this evil merchants that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar promised to give Dr. Kachikwu a better appointment in PDP government if he wins.

To us, this particular one was enough to disregard the writer and their gang as confused and ignoble.

We want to repeat that Dr. Kachikwu is not a typical politician but a technocrat of global reckoning. He is sought after by global bodies steadily to give what is contained in him. It’s laughable for this agents of darkness to conclude that Dr. Ibe Kachikwu plays dirty politics of greed and personal aggrandizement.

It is a well known fact that Dr. Kachikwu is not power hungry, rather sees government position as a call to service. His appointment is to help form,  shape and implement policies that are geared towards bringing stability and growth in the economy with more emphasis on the oil sector, which he has done to the admiration of well meaning Nigerians and particularly Mr. President.

Sadly, it’s very unfortunate to note that this attack is coming from a particular section of the state and we are compelled to believe that it’s a continuation of politics of exclusion that has reared its ugly head in our state recently where they feel that people of Delta North are undeserving of any top office in a government formed by the APC.

President Buhari on inauguration pledged to do things differently from the way previous governments did. Part of his resolve was the appointment of technocrats and best brains like Dr. Kachikwu into government. Therefore, we find it extremely irresponsible for any person or group to cast aspersion on the hard earned reputation of a great asset in the person of Dr. Ibe Kachikwu.

We condemn in strong terms the activities of this chain of low lives masquerading as party faithfuls and call on the general public to treat all their previous and future publications with uttermost disdain.

We want to warn that the Youths of Delta North will not fold their arms and watch disgruntled elements in the State to continue to level wicked, unfounded and baseless allegations against the Hon. Minister who is a worthy Ambassador of Delta North.

We also wish to commend the leadership of the APC in Delta state for coming out to speak in stout defense of the minister.

On a final note, we wish to state that the identity of those sponsoring these barrages of attack on Dr. Kachikwu is well known to us and we will not spare any effort to ensure that they pay dearly for their evil acts.



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