The Belgian conceptual artist named Dries Depoorter usually addresses issues such as privacy, Artificial Intelligence or Social Networks in his artistic creations through interactive installations, games and artistic applications. His projects have been exhibited in numerous countries and he has received important awards for the way he combines art and technology.

One of his latest projects is called “Quick Mix” and is a “vending” machine that instead of soda or snack cans what allows the user to buy “likes” and “followers” on Instagram. Now that the social network is hiding the total number of likes, it may not be as flashy to acquire likes but surely many are interested in increasing their number of followers, even artificially.

This is really simple. Just take a look at Google and search (buy followers on Instagram) to find numerous offers for less than 10 euros the pack of 1,000 followers. Even many of these promotions can be found directly browsing Instagram, among the ads in the feed. To denounce this situation, Depoorter has created (Quick Mix), the machine that allows you to buy followers and likes from anywhere.

The artist takes her to all his exhibitions and also allows companies and art centers to “rent” her to exhibit at their facilities. The operation of the machine is simple: you just have to choose the product you want to buy, pay and include what is the username on Instagram. For just one euro you can have 50 “likes” on Instagram and for three, 50 new followers … or any other product. Not only are interactions sold on this social network, but also on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Upon payment (the machine accepts payments in any currency in the world) the user receives the likes or new followers in a matter of seconds. Obviously, it is false accounts that emit those “likes” or begin to follow the user, something that according to the Instagram Terms of Use is not allowed… but nothing happens either.

According to the artist, he does not intend to make money with the machine, but to show how easy it is to make these purchases on social networks. The first time Quick Fix was shown was this year at the Pixelache festival in Helsinki Finland. Since then, it has already traveled more than 10 countries.

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