Controversial journalist and blogger, Kemi Olunloyo has taken to her Instagram page to explain why Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is innocent of what he was accused of. Pastor Biodun was accused of rape by Busola Dakolo, wife of popular singer, Timi Dakolo and Kemi believes she was just lying that what happened between them is consensual sex.

She wrote;

#IJCOZA @BusolaDakolo was NOT RAPED by Pastor @BiodunFatoyinbo-@KemiOlunloy Both accusers of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly Pastor LIED! If anything happened between these women and their former pastor, it was consensual as an adult at the time or fabricated. Even some young girls give consent to sex in Nigeria.

All angles were explored. I discovered an elaborate conspiracy to defame this church, it’s congregation and the General Overseer @biodunfatoyinbo. I will detail my investigation post by post which already started and my full report was given to lawyers on both sides and Nigerian Police investigators.

Then Busola Amupitan was very close to pastor @biodunfatoyinbo according to people who spoke to me from Ilorin. All of a sudden she left the church with every member of her family but one of her elder sister Funto who was still attending #COZA Ilorin.

Funto was still attending Coza for about roughly a month before she eventually left too. Sources said her mother Mrs. Amupitan here did not like Busola’s closeness to the pastor, something she herself mentioned on the @ynaijatelevision interview.

The source told me her mother found out she allegedly may have had intercourse with the pastor. Busola was always excited to see the pastor whenever he started visiting their home. On the babysitting call from Mrs. Modele Fatoyinbo, Busola my question was if it was a rape would Funto still be attending for like a month? However, most people I spoke to in Ilorin said Pastor #Biodunfatoyinbo wasn’t someone that could RAPE.

A Member of the Dakolo family told me that Busola’s mom was never aware of the car “sex/rape” encounter till @YNaija aired their interview. That family member said the bending over twice in the back and then the hood of the car was more like a “thrill lie” to Busola if it really happened.

She quoted “if it actually happened, her hands were free and if it was a doggie style sex position, then it was not rape but consensual”

However, it could all have been fabricated.

She also added that her sisters have refused to support her claims. @busoladakolo was NEVER RAPED! All her sisters have refused to support her claims. Funto even stayed longer at #Coza Ilorin when the family moved away.

Kemmy deleted all her Instagram pictures this week after I found them all online. What’s there to hide? Expect Busola to do a sister portrait soon to refute my findings. She added that Pastor Biodun did not rape her in the car; #IJCOZA @BusolaDakolo LIED about Pst @BiodunFatoyinbo RAPING HER on the CAR.

The child she said she was going to babysit at 17 yo wasn’t even born till 2002. Shindara Fatoyinbo did not exist in 1999.

On her sponsors, Kemi said;

IJCOZA Timi DAKOLO’S finances and Sponsor? #IJCOZA Timi DAKOLO’S finances and Sponsor? Is it the pastor who called my dad with fake information that an Igbo Journalist was threatening me? Chude @Ynaija is not threatening me. What is Debola Lagos his partner at Red Media doing in this picture of the renovated parlor at the Dakolo house??? Who is behind this scandal????

Finally she said, Bisola should apologize to Pastor Fatoyinbo;

#IJCoza My Advise to @BusolaDakolo.

Pls Withdraw your case Apologise to @BiodunFatoyinbo Apologise to @BiodunFatoyinbo Apologise to @BiodunFatoyinbo




He did NOT RAPE YOU! #IStandWithTheTruth

There is more overwhelming evidence coming out and very unnecessary.

Do this for your children, your name, your integrity. As a mother of three sons 32,28,19, I want my boys locked up for a long time if they rape a woman. I will NOT entertain that bullshit. I want to see the face of the victim. I can see yours while Tunmise hid hers.

None of you were RAPED! My investigation continues. #KemiOlunloyo #DrKemi

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