A surgeon is making plans to select three women who would undergo Britain’s first womb transplant later in the year, a report has revealed. The three women are among fifty infertile female patients on a waiting list for the pioneering operation.

The three female patients who’ll be selected will be informed within few weeks. It was confirmed that the world’s first successful womb transplant was conducted on a Swedish woman in 2013.

Meanwhile, the British medics have bee given permission to carry out the procedure, and if it goes successfully, the first baby could arrive in 2019. The success of this procedure will be good news to the 50,000 infertile women in the UK.

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The operation is priced at £50,000 and has already been conducted successfully in Sweden and the United States. A team initially won approval from regulators last three years to carry out womb transplants but have been delayed by the rules surrounding the collection of the organs. Therefore, doctors have decided that they will also try using live donors.

“We have got all our ducks in a row this time, we should be ready to go,” said Richard Smith of Imperial College London, who is spearheading the efforts.

Reports from the press have suggested that about 15,000 women in Britain who have attained childbearing age do not have a womb.

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